Social Equity Fund (SEF) is an investment vehicle that brings together a group of autonomous regional affiliate funds to create a family of funds working to provide governance and business supports together with a mix of financial supports to Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) in non-competitive economies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. SEF partners with SGBs whose manner of doing business takes integrally into account the impact on the environment and community around them. They provide market access to the products of local producers from the low-income communities and provide them with solutions, facilities and services that improve their local living standards.

SEF was established in 2014 inspired by the proven approach of its founding investors, wanting to replicate this experience systematically in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The operations in Africa have begun, as planned, in April 2015 with its base in Nairobi, Kenya. A second affiliate, SGB Capital Asia/ SEF Asia Fund has started in 2016.

Strengthening Value Chains 

The SGBs supported have a key role in productive value chains in sectors such as agriculture and agri-processing, water & sanitation, transformation of waste, renewable energy and health. They aim at creating a positive social impact producing products & services relevant for the low-income communities. Read more

Effective Model and Local Network

Our investment model in SGBs is a proven, unique and effective partnership approach. Affiliate regional funds provide a strong local network that work in collaboration with local partner institutions. This structure ensures SEF has relevant expertise and local contextual knowledge of the local economy in the countries it operates. Read more  

Experienced Investment Team

SEF has a good and solid practical knowledge and experience of investing in the SGB sector with its qualified management team and Supervisory Board. Read more

Become an investor

Investing in SEF is partnering with the Regional Funds in Africa and Asia to invest with impact and contribute to flourishing local economies and communities in developing countries. It is a unique opportunity to channel your mission-based investments to high impact sectors and local markets with a strong effect on the livelihoods of low-income communities.